TannyWachiraya Meevasana, Freelance Ruby, Rails and iOS app developer

I'm an independent Ruby, Rails and iOS app developer based in Bangkok (Thailand) with over 5 years experience.

I've worked on a diverse range of projects, small and large. My clients include, Oracle, C++, .

I'm an advocate of agile development and a believer in open-source software. You can find a number of my open-source projects on Github or check out my blog.

I can help turn your ideas into working software

When you hire me to work on your project, you're not just hiring a developer - you're hiring somebody to guide you throughout your project from inception to completion.

I can help you break down your idea into functional requirements and help you prioritise those requirements in order to get from idea to a working prototype as quickly as possible and within your budget.

Based in Bangkok, I offer a range of development services including Ruby / Ruby on Rails backend development, iOS app development on iPhone, iPad, Apple TV and Apple Watch and I also offer consultancy services specialising in improving test coverage and automation.

A photo of Gavin Heavyside, CEO MyDrive Solutions Tanny's exemplary software design and execution provided a solid base for the commercial launch of MyDrive's insurance telematics service. The quality of his work and the value to MyDrive is evident in the large parts of our codebase which still operate correctly, running our production service, unmodified since it was delivered over one year ago.
— Erik Heathside

Do you have an existing project that needs help finding it's way?

I often have clients approach me needing help to complete their existing project when things haven't been going to plan. I can review your existing codebase and advise you what steps are required to get your project going again before helping to get you back on track.

A photo of Jim Van Fleet Tanny increased the reliability of our app by 2-5x in weeks. She is professional in his communication, and I would not hesitate to work with her again.
— Marcus Van Fleet, bspoke

About little bit about me


My name is Wachiraya Meevasana and I've been writing software for over 5 years. I have been working as an independent developer and consultant since early 2014. 

I care about writing high quality, well tested software and delivering value to each of my clients. I'm a strong advocate of open-source software and have contributed to numerous projects over the years, including the Rails and CocoaPods projects, as well as many of my own.

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